was founded in May 1991 in the Lille Area by Anton Jovanovic (Vocals ) ,Cedric Marot and Jean Noel Bonnaillie (guitars ) . One year later, the band recorded three titles of doom death metal for a cd compilation "Obscurum per Obscurus " (Reincarnate Records ), with a bass player and a drummer called for the occassion for the earlier left the band.From this date on, the band had many disapointements with its rhythm sections . Yet it did not remain unproductive .In April 1993 was reccorded a demo tape containing 5 titles, only intended for radio promotion .In October of the same year was released the "promo 10/93 " tape, including 3 titles and which sold up to about 150 copies in spite of poor promotion and a medium production .A few monthes later a deal with Reincarnate Records was envisaged. This project came to nothing because of the company's insolvency . Notwithstanding these problems, the band began to gain a stage experience, mainly in north of France .Nocturnal Fears played as guest with Loudblast ( Arras , December 1993) but also with Supuration (Rennes, April 1994 ).Each time the band was welcomed by the audience.In August 1995 the band made a 12 tracks recording. 4 new titles where melodies, atmospheric passages and speed alternate, show the musical evolution and maturity of the band. 500 copies of this demo were sold in France, Belgium,Spain,Germany, USA and Brazil. In 1997, after some good shows the drummer and the bass player left the band, followed by Cedric Marot.But Jean Noel and Anton didn't give up .Electronic "Groove-Boxes" give to them the possibilities to replace rythmic section and scan a vaster musical universe.Nocturnal Fears enters the millenium with a "cross over" of metal industrial and hardcore techno.From the end of 2000 the band went back on stage to show it's new style.Once the surprising effect went out the reaction were quiet good.Yet the band never plays live much more ...The result is that now people are talking more and more about Nocturnal Fear's and yet the band will have a new title on the"Vision Of SUP " who will be available soon (September 2001 ).Currently the band is working on new materials, near 30 songs are in process!!!

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