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  • Presto magazine n°11 (France Juilet-Aout 1992)

    ...NOCTURNAL FEARS viennent clôre le pandemonium de magma en fusion avec trois morceaux littéralement coulés dans le bronze. A l'époque de ces pièces,NOCTURNAL FEARS était sans jeu demots un véritable groupe de morts-vivants. Le band original ayant explosé peu de temps auparavant. Pour ladite session, les trois members orygynaux furent aydés par le bassiste de l'infatigable PUTRID OFFAL et du batteur arkhamien de DAGON: un supergroupe si l'on se réfère à une certaine conception de la musiques't prysée lors des loygtaines sève-eux-nettyses. Le résultat est excellement buquant: très lourd, un wall of sound digne de la ligne Siegfried, une brutalité mérovingienne, ce qui est à mes yeux un ymmence komplimhent! Quand ces undead vont revivre à temps pleyn, on sent que la ville en frémira d'effroy.
    ZOLTAN, chien sanglant de Dracula (voir la cover )

    Remains zine n°3 (Allemagne 1992)
    Nocturnal fears is a quite young french death/doom band and certainly the best french band is this genre. They've got now a promo-tape out which is not for sale. if you want to listen to their excellent material you have to order
    the compilation cd including bands like Supuration, Nocturnal Fears, Putrid offal, Dagon etc..
    Emanzipation zine n°2(Dannemark 1993)
    Death metal with a lot of slow parts and a couple of grind parts is the music we're dealing with here. It's very influenced by their country fellows LoudBlast and their band bio says that they're very inspired by Florida bands as well, and I guess they're right about that. Unfortunatly a woman called Marie is doing some additionnal vocals on each song. She can't pronounce the english words properly so it doesn't sound very good( in fact it sounds very bad) and I think it was very stupid of Nocturnal Fears to let her destroy some of their music. The 3 songs only last about 3 minutes each and that's great, because then they don't become boring and I think a lot of other bands should consider cutting their tracks down to the same size! The sound is good. Especially the guitar sound has turned out well, because it's very brutal and heavy.
    Cemetary zine, newletter N°1 (Belgique 1993)
    This promotape with 3 songs appears on the cd compilation Obscurum per Obscurius and isn't really new, but Nocturnal Fears is an interesting band, not really original, but very powerfull.Their music has been influenced by the scandinavian bands, you'll see it quickly! 2 of the songs are slow and it sounds like doom. The tape has an incredible sound, it has been recorded in the C.M.A. studio with Bruno Objoie.
    Peccatus altar zine n°1 (Lithuanie 1993)
    It's typical death metal. If you listen to this music, you see that these boys are taking the straight read.I have no claims for the vocals, but music...Music is not bad, but boys aren't professionnal.They make mistakes. Sometimes the same music and anything... it looks very monotonous. But I think, that in the future they will correct all mistakes.

    Metal Preacher fanzine n°8 (Portugal 1992/93)