****Les textes de Trax of 99/ The lyrics of Trax of 99

Textes/Lyrics : Jovanovic Anton Musique/Music :Bonnaillie Jean-Noël

How much time ?

An eternity

You are hounding me.

You want me to pay the price

for what I did

(*) end of the quest .

A choice : Life or death.

Don't think ,

just follow your guide.

Now that you found me ,

What will you do ?

You who have just lived

for my death

I was your guide and

you've followed

(*) repeat

Once I'll be dead

Who will you be?

Your life will have nomore sense

Because you will have no more goal to attain...

I don't wanna go to the hospital !

People in this place are nice

but men in white are scary !

They give me a lot of colored pills

wich make me sleep !

(*)Hey , leave me alone .

Just set me free .

I want to get out ,

to be far from my-cell- f

Let me in peace !

I don't care about

how to name my disease

I want to get out

I'm not crazy

My World is just fantasy I'm not mad .

My mental health is not so bad


I am trapped inside my -celf-f

My brain cells are just my only cell

There's no wall surronding me

My head is like a barred window

And my mind must escape and fly away .

Since the day you came in this world

our life isn't the same .

Now we know why we're living for ,

a young life to let bloom .

You , the fruit of our desire,

flesh of our flesh , dream come true .

One day you will know how much

we need you how

much we wanted you .

We're the past

we're the present.

You will learn by experience ,

always wrapped in our love .

Walking side by side ?

together reach the cross - roads .

Then our life life will become

two lives ?

our way will become two ways .

You will choose your own way

of life ?

staying the bearer of our hopes .

We 're the present

you're the future

(1)Impossible to master ,

its hold on you is relentless

It's like an ever flowing stream

impossible to go upsteam

An never try to fight it ,

you can only follow it

Don't consider it as an ennemy

The limits it gives you

are the way of your life

You're not eternal like it

You have a goal to attain ,

remenber you have a goal to attain

(2) you want to let your mark

This mark you wanna let

isn't it a poor symbol

Of your human frailty ?

Sin of conseit (X8)

Engraving on stone

Pourings of preciousmetals

Building of monuments

Are the sign of your vanity

Sin of conseit (X8)